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The Pimakslirvik Corporation is owned (90%) and operated under the Chesterfield Inlet Development Corporation. Under contract with the Department of Health and Social Services - Government of Nunavut, the Pimakslirvik Corporation operates two facilities:
  • Naja Isabelle Home in Chesterfield Inlet
  • Arviat Adult/ Elders Group Home

Naja Isabelle Home

In 2004, Naja Isabelle Home was completed by the Government of Nunavut to replace the Ste. Theresa Home. Residents moved in February, 2005. This care facility is home to handicapped individuals (many of whom are children), under the age of 40, requiring medical intervention. Residents are from all over Nunavut region.

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Arviat Adult/Elders Group Home
This home is resident to moderately handicapped (mental and/or physical) children.

The Corporation has approximately 35 employees at Naja Isabelle Home and 15 (7 local residents) in the Arviat Group Home.