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The Chesterfield Inlet Development Corporation was formed to manage and oversee the operations of the Pimakslirvik Corporation and the Chesterfield Inlet Holding Corporation.

The Corporation is 90% owner of Pimakslirvik Corporation and 100% owner of the Holding Corporation. The Board of Directors is appointed by the Hamlet Council.

Any Inuit resident in Chesterfield Inlet for one year or more is a shareholder of the Corporation. Any non-Inuit resident in Chesterfield Inlet for five or more years is also a shareholder.

The Corporation uses the proceeds and profits from the other two Corporations to provide scholarships and funds for special groups, such as Search and Rescue, or Community events, such as Christmas, Hamlet Day, Nunavut Day, etc.. Funds are used for the benefit of residents of Chesterfield Inlet.